Undergraduate Application Options

Select the appropriate undergraduate application option.

Undergraduate Degree Seeking

Students who intend to earn an undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Have you graduated or will you graduate from a high school located in Nebraska?

Do you currently reside in the state of Nebraska?

Non-Degree Seeking

You would like to attend the University of Nebraska Kearney for one semester as a visiting, part-time non-degree-seeking student (A maximum of 16 semester credit hours in non-degree student status may apply toward a degree). If you are seeking non-degree status for an initial teaching certification, please apply through Graduate Admissions.

Returning bet36365体育 Student

You have previously attended the University of Nebraska at Kearney as a degree-seeking student and would like to return as a degree-seeking student.

Dual Enrollment/Early Entry

If you are a current high school student wishing to take college credit classes while still in high school you are an Early Entry student.

If you are a high school student planning to enroll in a dual enrollment course offered in partnership with your high school, you are a Dual Enrollment/Early Entry student.

Post Bachelors

If you are a student seeking a second bachelors degree or pre-requisite courses for Speech Language Pathology. Students applying for a second bachelors degree from bet36365体育 are not eligible to earn the same degree again. You may choose a different degree (i.e. Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts) or you may complete coursework but not be granted the same degree.